Seminar Myopia – Orthokeratology – Topography

Seminar Myopia – Orthokeratology – Topography

Invitation to Seminar “Myopia-ORTHOKERATOLOGY-TOPOGRAPHY – Everything you wanted and need to know”

Date: 27th & 28th October.
Venue: 17th Floor Camden Medical meeting room, Singapore
Charges: Charges SGD$70.00 (before GST) per day, includes Coffee/Tea/Snacks at 8.30 and 11.00, Lunch at 1.00pm, both days

Speakers & Speak Topics:

1. Dr Maria Liu
1st Day Presentation – Myopia Management – consequences of high myopia
2nd Day Presentation – Evidence management of progressive myopia, a 3 year perspective from UC Berkley Myopia Control Clinic

2. Dr Cheryl Lee
1st Day Presentation – Bringing Myopia under control from childhood, to adulthood to old age.

3. Mr. Jason Anderson (Medmont Australia) with Stan Isaacs
Topography workshop – 1st Day basic Topography and 2nd Day advanced Topography

4. Stan Isaacs
1st Day CRT certification – beginners course on CRT
2nd Day CRT – advanced course on CRT and CRT Dual Axis

Interested to participate?

Register with Philip Phajan Tel 9107 3469, fax 6733 1124, email –

Confirmed attendees will be sent the program proper – SEATS ARE LIMITED