Ahmad Bukhari Kamarul Zaman

Ahmad Bukhari Kamarul Zaman

Email Address bobobotak@yahoo.com

Level AMO Membership (Lifetime)

Start Date January 13, 2019

Address Jalan Tanah Putih
Kuantan, Pahang, 25100

Phone Number 095572749

Practice Name Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan

Keratometer: Yes

Direct Ophthalmoscope: Yes

Retinoscope: Yes

Refraction Trial Lenses: Yes

Fixed Trial Frame: Yes

Kids Trial Frame: Yes

Prism Bar: Yes

Loose Prism: Yes

Flipper/s: Yes

Colour Vision – D15: Yes

Colour Vision – 100 Hue: Yes

Colour Vision – Ishihara: Yes

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT): Yes

A-Scan: Yes

Retinal Photography/Fundus Camera: Yes

Tonometer – Tonopen: Yes

Visual Field (Humphrey): Yes

Visual Field (Bjerrum): Yes

Visual Field Binocular Driving Test (Estermann): Yes

LCD Chart: Yes

RAF Ruler: Yes

Stereopsis – Stereo Butterfly: Yes

Stereopsis – Stereo Fly: Yes

Stereopsis – Lang I/II: Yes

Focimeter/Lensmeter: Yes

Mydriatics: Yes

Cycloplegics: Yes

Howell Phoria Card: Yes

Pediatric Optometry/Children’s Vision: Yes

Colour Vision: Yes

Contact Lenses RGP: Yes

Amblyopia and Visual Impairments Preschool Screening (AVIS): Yes

Low Vision: Yes

Vision Screening: Yes

School Visit: Yes

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