Ainun Nazihah Muhamad Razali

Ainun Nazihah Muhamad Razali

Email Address

Level AMO Membership (Lifetime)

Start Date April 4, 2019

Address D-1-30, Jalan SP 11/2,
Seri Pristana
Sungai Buloh, Selangor, 47000

Phone Number (010) 844-4127

Practice Name MATA by Optometrist Bandar Saujana Utama



Autorefractor Keratometer: Yes

Direct Ophthalmoscope: Yes

Retinoscope: Yes

Refraction Trial Lenses: Yes

Adjustable Trial Frame: Yes

Prism Bar: Yes

Flipper/s: Yes

Colour Vision – Ishihara: Yes

Gonio Lens: Yes

Slit Lamp Biomicroscope With Camera: Yes

Snellen Chart: Yes

RAF Ruler: Yes

Fluorescent Staining: Yes

PD Meter: Yes

Stereopsis – Stereo Fly: Yes

Mydriatics: Yes

Cycloplegics: Yes

Maddox Rod: Yes

Geriatric Optometry/Senior: Yes

Behavioural Optometry: Yes

Pediatric Optometry/Children’s Vision: Yes

Colour Vision: Yes

Contact Lenses (Basic): Yes

Contact Lenses (Advanced): Yes

Contact Lenses Mini Scleral: Yes

Contact Lenses RGP: Yes

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K): Yes

Dry Eye: Yes

Glaucoma Co-Management: Yes

Optometrist-Ophthalmologist Co-Management: Yes

Vision Therapy (Basic): Yes

Vision Therapy (Advanced): Yes

Home Visit: Yes

Amblyopia and Visual Impairments Preschool Screening (AVIS): Yes

Keratoconus: Yes

Low Vision: Yes

Occupational Vision: Yes

Sports Vision: Yes

Myopia Control: Yes

Neuro-Optometry: Yes

Electrophysiology of Vision: Yes

Nursing Home Visit: Yes

Prison Visit: Yes

Optometric Education: Yes

Public Health/Public Education: Yes

Optometry Research: Yes

Special Needs: Yes

Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes

Comprehensive Optometric Eye Examination: Yes

Ocular Diseases Screening: Yes

Vision Screening: Yes

School Visit: Yes

Home Delivery Service: Yes

Spectacles/Sunglasses Repair & Service: Yes

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