Association of Malaysian Optometrists provides a range of services and benefits for members, ranging from political representation to publications. Some of the services and benefits available to members are shown here.

Association of Malaysian Optometrists represents optometry in dealings with Malaysia Optical Council to maintain the profession’s position in the delivery of primary eye care.

Association of Malaysian Optometrists is constantly developing and reviewing standards of practice, which are available to members, educators and legislators. In the interests of high quality practice, the Association has developed a code of ethics, entry level and therapeutic competencies for the profession and practice guidelines.

The Association regularly liaises with the schools and plans future training needs.

It holds regular local and overseas conferences and seminars across the country and maintains a list of relevant overseas congresses.

Association of Malaysian Optometrists provides advice on optometry, vision and eye care to:

  • members of the public, including those with complaints
  • government departments, private bodies and companies, health agencies
  • the media
  • other professions

Association of Malaysian Optometrists is a member of the World Council of Optometry and the Asia-Pacific Council of Optometry.

The Association is in regular communication with many overseas optometric associations and participates in exchange visits with some associations.

Association of Malaysian Optometrists works co-operatively with other industry bodies such as the MOWA (Malaysian Optical Wholesalers Association) and the other international contact lens company.
The Association conducts regular studies monitoring the work force to ensure the profession’s continued viability. It has developed, implemented and continues to expand and update its Strategic Plan.

Association of Malaysian Optometrists regularly develops public awareness and information programs aimed at raising the profile of and expanding the public’s understanding of optometry. Through annual campaigns such as World Sight Day and many other press conferences, the Association targets various stakeholders throughout the year.

Association of Malaysian Optometrists maintains ongoing relations with other professional organisations, particularly those in the health care field. Meetings are regularly held with medical, pharmacy and paramedical organisations.

The Association has materials to assist optometrists in establishing relationships with local general medical practitioners and has close associations with Lions Clubs and other charity in vision screening and donate optical devices to those in need.