UV Radiation

Exposure to UV radiation adds up in the longer term. Accumulated UV exposure to your eyes can lead to-

Even short bursts of unprotected UV exposure can lead to pain, irritation and sensitivity to light.

Protecting your eyes from UV damage

  • Stay out of the sun between 10am and 3pm;
  • Make UV protection, including sunglasses or Transitions® lenses, part of your everyday routine;
  • Ensure your eye protection meets safety standards;
  • Wear a hat. This can reduce the amount of UV reaching your eyes by 40 per cent;
  • Choose sunglasses with side protection and a bridge setting as close to your eyes as possible without touching your eyelashes;
  • For sport, consider more durable, glare-reduction sunglasses or UV protective contact lenses.
  • Transitions® lenses that automatically adjust to changing light conditions provide convenient UV and glare protection for prescription lens wearers.
  • If you have an existing lens prescription, check that your sunglasses prescription is also current.
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