Workplace Vision Screening

Sixty per cent of all eye injuries happen at work making it imperative for employers and employees to reduce the risk of eye accidents.

Most eye injuries can be prevented making sure you have appropriate prescription and non-prescription eyewear for the work you’re doing.

Optometrists around Malaysia are conducting vision screenings with local businesses. Optometrists can offer eye health and vision screenings, professional consultation, and individually tailored programs for local businesses to help keep employees safe from eye injuries.

Why should your company participate in a Workplace Eye Safety review?

Your optometrist can-
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  • collaborate with your OH&S personnel or management to develop or refine an eye safety policy.
  • evaluate your workplace for eye hazards
  • assess the occupational vision requirements of each employee.
  • offer your employees a complete service, from vision screenings to supplying prescription and non-prescription safety glasses,
  • ensure eyewear fits properly and comfortably
  • provide eye safety information for safety meetings, including a poster and brochures display in staff and lunch rooms.
  • arrange, on request, an on-site presentation  on eye health and safety for your staff.


How to organise a workplace vision screening

You may be contacted by an optometrist offering this service, or you can contact your local optometrist.