Community  Service Grant Programme
Community Service Grant Programme

Community Service Grant Programme

Community Service Grant Framework


Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO) always believes that community service is the best way to return the favor to the general public after their continuous support towards the profession. In addition, AMO also realized that Optometry students benefited tremendously by conducting community service. Among the benefits are increase the confidence in facing the public, a training ground prior to their graduation as well as enhance the networking between the community and the institution.

Hence, AMO had agreed to award every institution of higher learning with RM2000.00 grant money for their community service program. This grant can be applied by the Optometry students to be used as part of the funding for their community service activities. The application will be open all year long and AMO calls the students to use this opportunity wisely.


  1. To provide seed funding for Optometry students’ community service.
  2. To encourage Optometry students involvement on community service.
  3. To enhance the relationship between the students and the professionals.
  4. To increase the awareness of Optometrists’ roles and functions among the public.
  5. To promote public education on eye health and vision care.


  1. All approved applications MUST follow the Community Service Grant Framework.
  2. A maximum total of RM2000.00 will be awarded to each institution every year.
  3. Every institution of higher learning can submit more than one application but only a combined of RM2000.00 will be approved per year for each institution.
  4. All application MUST be submitted using application form provided.
  5. Application MUST be submitted to, 6 weeks before the date of the program.
  6. All applications’ activities must conform to the Malaysian law and did not have any sensitive contents that offend racial, religion or minority sensitivity.
  7. Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO) has the right to reject any grant application.
  8. AMO will not interfere with the program budgeting and how the grant will be used.
  9. All the promotional materials for the program must contained AMO logo and official website address.
  10. There MUST be a minimum of 1 activity involving public education on Optometrist’s roles and functions.
  11. The organizer MUST send a copy of all promotional materials to one week prior to the event.
  12. AMO had the right to published all promotional materials and pictures using its own resources.
  13. The organizer must write a report on the program (minimum 500 words) and send to together with a maximum of 20 pictures (JPEG format only) from the program. The report MUST be email to AMO within 3 weeks of the date of the program.
  14. AMO have the right to change the grant’s guidelines without any notice.


AMO invites all Optometry students to apply for this grant for their proposed community service program. It is hopes that this grant will help the students in achieving the best for their community service program.

Beneficial Information

  1. All enquiries can be directed to or call/Whatsapp to 011-26102040.
  2. This grant is administered by AMO Student Secretariat.
  3. All applications MUST be submitted by the student/s themselves to encourage learning process. Lecturers are encouraged to monitored the application.
  4. All information in this framework is valid as of 12 August 2016.