Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO) would like to express our utmost gratitude to Frame ‘n’ Lenses (2008) Sdn Bhd for their support & sponsorship of 1000 pieces of spectacles lenses for the good cause of AVIS!

AVIS stand for Amblyopia & Visual Impairments Screening and AVIS project is an initiative under Prevention of Blindness committee of Ministry of Health Malaysia. This project is undertaken by the hardworking & respectable Optometrists from Ministry of Health Malaysia.

With this sponsorship, AMO members that volunteered as AVIS Glasses will not need to worry about the cost of lenses and can focus more on the service & delivery of the glasses to AVIS Kids. AMO hope that the members that have yet to volunteer as AVIS Glasses Provider can use this opportunity to register. To register as AVIS Glasses Provider, click HERE.