Registration of optometrists
All optometrist in Malaysia must be registered with the Malaysian Optical Council. It is illegal for an unregistered person (other than a medical practitioner) to practise optometry in Malaysia.


Malaysian optometrists’ basic range of clinical skills and procedures include:

  • Refraction: Measuring the optics of the eye
  • Binocular vision tests: Testing the co-ordination of the two eyes as a team
  • Ophthalmoscopy: Internal examination of the eye for eye disease
  • Slit lamp biomicroscopy: External, detailed examination of the eye
  • Tonometry: Measuring the pressure of the eyeball
  • Optical Dispensing: Supply and management of spectacles and contact lens

Optometrists also develop and implement ways to protect workers’ eyes from occupational eye strain or injury. Other specialist areas include:

  • contact lenses;
  • colour vision; and
  • vision therapy.